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Qingdao BZ-Oligo Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which was established in May 2010 and has built good cooperation with the Ocean University of China. The key technology led by famous marine pharmacologist Guan Huashi, named “the Development and Application of Marine-based Oligosaccharide Preparation Technology (for establishing the oligosaccharide bank) won the first prize of the China National Award for Technological Invention in 2009. Our cooperation in the field of marine oligosaccharides of biological material has filled the domestic gaps.

This project was invested 200 million RMB for constructing industrial center and facilities of research and manufacturing. The production base is located in the biomedical industry park of Laoshan District Qingdao city, which covers 33,367 square meters.

It is the first international research and incubation centre of Marine Oligosaccharides with the integration of research, production and application. It is the largest production base in China using domestic and international leading technology.

We mainly supply marine oligosaccharide standard substances and ingredients, containing alginate oligosaccharide, chitosan oligosaccharide, agar oligosaccharide and carrageenan oligosaccharide. These products are widely used in the field of nutrition, cosmetics, feed, agriculture, etc.

Our company has been treated as priority supporting company of “Peninsula Blue Economic Zone” “Strategic Emerging Industry Enterprise in Qingdao city”, and the first lot of Strategic Emerging Industry Enterprise in Province Level. Our company is a cooperative partner of National Marine Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center, furthermore our company has established Marine Pharmaceutical Research & Development Center through cooperating with the China Ocean University.

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