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What’s relationship between Chitosan poligosaccharide’s functions and polymerization degree?

Posted by:admin    Published:2013-04-22 13:57

1)Enhance immunity relevant: it is reported that polymerization degree for 6-8 (or 4-7, 5-7) chitosan oligosaccharide have good activity in antibacterial sugar, enhance immunity, antitumor.

2)In induced disease resistance of plants, There are reports polymerization degree for 4 - 6 chitosan oligosaccharide can control the generation of rhizobium plants, the degree of polymerization 4-11chitosan oligosaccharide can effectively activate the plants ability to resist pathogenic microorganisms ;

3)In regulating blood glucose, studies show that the molecular weight of the chitosan oligosaccharide around 1700 is suitable for High blood fat patients, they can reduce blood sugar, improve the oxidation resistance have health care function;

4)In the antibacterial function, there are reports of the 610 average molecular weight chitosan oligosaccharide (3 sugar) has certain antibacterial effect for raw milk, also has apparent inhibition for yogurt.

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