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Chitosan oligosaccharide's solubility

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2017-05-11 10:49

Chitin and Chitosan had been approved beneficial for human body, and popular in medicine, nutrition, 

cosmetic, animal nutrition, agriculture and industry areas. Chitosan Oligosaccharide could be 

considered as water-soluble chitosan oligomer which is made from depolymerizing chitosan by enzyme. 

And its molecular weight (≤3kDa) is much lower than chitosan's (≥100KDa). The low molecular weight 

benefits prominent water solubility and bioactivities which have attracted the interest of many 

researchers and companies to utilize chitosan oligosaccharide for various applications.

chitosan oligosaccharide 10g/100ml

Figure 1: 10g chitosan oligosaccharides dissolve in 100ml water

Figure 2: 20g chitosan oligosaccharides dissolve in 100ml water

Figure 3: 30g chitosan oligosaccharides dissolve in 100ml water

10g, 20g & 30g of chitosan oligosaccharides completely dissolved in water by stirring 30 minutes at 

room temperature.

Figure 4: 10g chitosan oligosaccharides dissolve in 10ml water

While 10g chitosan oligosaccharides difficultly dissolved in 10ml water, and turned into a viscous "sludge". 

So recommend to apply the chitosan oligosaccharide below 50% concentrations.

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