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1. Strong Technical Supporting--School of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ocean University of China

The company had built active and effective cooperation with the Ocean University of China in the long term. The key technology of our project named "marine characteristics of oligosaccharides Preparation Technology (sugar library building) and its application development” was developed by a professional development team which was led by China's famous marine pharmacologist Guan Huashi, and this technology won the National Technological Invention Prize in 2009, both.

GUAN Hua-Shi, as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the former president of Ocean University of China, current president of Medical College in Ocean University of China, and the director of the National Engineering Center for Marine Drug R&D, has already developed and invented the first modern ocean new drug-PSS, since then he has successfully developed a series of marine biological material; s. He has been licensed 15 inventions and patents in China and abroad. He has been authorized many titles and awards, including National Science and Technology Seminar Award, National Science and Technology Progress the Third Prize, Shan Dong Province Top Science and Technology Award. He has been honored with many important awards, including the experts who did the prominent contribution, National “May 1” Labor Medal, National Advanced Worker, and Shan Dong Province Professional Technical Top_Notch Talents.

2 Pioneer Engineering Technology Supporting--National Engineering Research Center for Marine Drug

The National Engineering Research Center for Marine Drug is ratified by the State Science and Technology Commission of China. As a state high-tech engineering center for Marine Drug research and development, it is technically supported by the Ocean University of China. It carries out the studies specific to new technologies for industrial production of marine medicines, develops new drugs and provides trainings for senior researchers.

The center now has three modern pilot-scale systems: cultivation, concentration, and collection of medicinal microalgae; extraction and separation of marine bioactive substances; chemical modification and artificial synthesis of marine bioactive substance.

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