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British Glycobiological Chemist Paid a Visit

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2013-09-27 14:02

Charlie Bavington, British Glycobiological chemist paid a visit to our company on 26th

September, 2013. 

Professor Charlie introduced the GlycoMar Profile, oligosacchrides for drug discovery, and market 

prospect of marine glycobiology industry. Our company made a report on the research, production 

and commercialization of marine oligosaccharides. Then we visited the Ocean University of China 

and further exchanged technical information with professors. After communication, Prof.Charlie are very 

interested in applications of alginate oligosaccharide and chitosan oligosaccharide in Europe. He 

took samples to do tests and recommend to other customers.

Prof. Charlie's current visit, deepened mutual understanding between both sides, for the next step of 

cooperation has laid a good foundation.

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