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Establishing Cooperation with Sigma-Aldrich

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2014-06-10 10:17

Congratulations! Our professional & leading oligosaccharide reagents have been approved by Sigma-Aldrich. At same 

time, BZ Oligo has became one vendor of sigma-aldrich. It means that our product has been accepted by world's 

leading reagents company.

Sigma-Aldrich: is a leading Life Science and High Technology company whose biochemical, organic chemical products, 

kits and services are used in scientific research, including genomic and proteomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical 

development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical, diagnostics and high technology 

manufacturing. Sigma-Aldrich customers include more than 1.3 million scientists and technologists in life science companies, 

university and government institutions, hospitals and industry. The Company operates in 35 countries and has nearly 9,000 

employees whose objective is to provide excellent service worldwide. 

Oligosaccharide is an important signal molecules of organisms. Oligosaccharides on the cell surface play important roles in 

biological phenomena including but not limited to cellular recognition, cell adhesion, fertilization and immune function. There 

are great expectations for the discovery of novel oligosaccharide functions at the molecular level and even greater anticipation 

of the discovery of applications.

BZ Oligo devotes itself to researching and manufacturing marine-drived oligosaccharides.  Our technical team had established 

the preparation technology system for series of oligosaccharides with marine characteristics; and set up the first library in the 

world for marine saccharides. Now there are over 200 product categories in the library.  


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