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Technical Supports-Qingdao Marine Biomedical Research Institute (QMBRI)

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2015-11-20 16:19

Qingdao Marine Biomedical Research Institute has become our company's cooperating organization, so our
company has the integrated ability including research, development, design and testing, and our company 
can provide systematic support to laboratory research achievement in this industry or the related industry.

Marine Biomedical Research Institute of Qingdao (MBRI),is an independent Institution found in 2014, 

focusing the research and development of marine medicine, marine-derived traditional Chinese medicine 

and marine biological products. MBRI is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, the center for 

marine research in China. Currently, the Institute has been established on Fushan campus of Ocean 

University of China, covering an area of 8,440 m². It will be expanded in the core area of Qingdao Blue 

Silicon Valley with an area of 19,000 m2 in the year of 2016. 

Leading by Professor Huashi Guan, a distinguished Professor in marine medicine and an academician of 

the Chinese Academy of Engineering, MBRI‘s mission is to accelerate the transform and incubation of 

new technologies and new products in the marine biomedical area, and to support the development of 

marine biomedical industry in a sustainable manner. The core team includes many distinguished leaders 

in their fields, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of 

Engineering, a number of recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 

Yangtze River Scholars and the Experts of National Thousand Talent Program of China. More than 80 

experienced staffs have been hired at MBRI, the total number of staffs will be reached to 150 by end of 

year 2015. 

MBRI has spent great effort to enhance and upgrade its research and development facilities and equipment 

with modern technologies and international standards, with supports from local governments. The total 

value of equipment has reached 80 million RMB, including marine biomedical R&D innovation platforms 

and pilot scale production platforms. The development goal of MBRI is to build a top domestic incubator 

for the new marine biomedical technologies and products with indigenous innovation capability, specializing 

in marine drugs and marine TCMs. With its long-term goal, MBRI will enhance its research and development 

in marine sciences with a global vision,innovation-oriented, specialized professionals while building the 

Institute into a high-level, world-renowned, and research-led marine biomedical R&D center with its distinctive 

features in the world.

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