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"Agents for inhibiting osteoclast formation" Won the Silver Award of Biotech in 2014 ITEX

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2014-06-23 11:26

In 2014 ITEX (25th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition in Malaysia), Tzu Chi College of 

Technology with their new discovery "Agents for inhibiting osteoclast formation" won the Silver Award of Biotechnology, 

Health and Fitness Category. This new finding provides a new choice for osteoporosis prevention and improvement.

The agents' name is alginate oligosaccharide which present in our daily food Laminaria japonicia. Alginate 
oligosaccharides are oligomers consising of α-L-guluronate (G) and β-D-mannuronate (M). They have been
provened to be non-toxice by normal toxic studies. Compared with other health foods and medicine for bone supports, 

Alginate oligosaccharides are more natural and safer.

Body's bone density depends on balance of the growth and differentiation of osteoclasts and osteoblasts in bone. 

Osteoclasts can cause bone dissolution, while osteoblasts can promote bone formation. In postmenopausal women 

and older people, osteoclasts' quantity increase, excessive activation, accelerated erosion of bone are the main reasons 

of bone loss. Alginate Oligosaccharides can directly inhibit osteoclast formation to slow bone loss and let the osteoblasts 

work well.




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