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World’s first plant immunoprotein biopesticide Atailing getting popular in China

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2015-12-07 16:01

The world’s first plant immunoprotein biopesticide - Atailing (6% oligosaccharin wettable powder), 

which is developed by the Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 

produced by Beijing Zhongbao Lvnong Science Ltd, has been successfully launched in China.


Viruses of plant cause great damage, being difficult to be controlled and would result in a serious 

impact to agricultural industry. Atailing’s active ingredients are of highly active heat stabilized protein 

as derived from alternaria tenuis which enhances plant immunity, added with the synergistic factor 

oligosaccharins to prevent and control various plant viruses and bacterial diseases while being 



Atailing inhibits virus genetic expression and restores breach of plant. In the meantime, Atailing 

stimulates plant’s in-vivo genetic expression, induces plant’s multiple defensive reaction against 

insect pest. The formulation is effective against rice stripe disease, tomato yellow leaf curl virus, 

tobacco mosaic disease, particularly effective against Citrus Huanglongbing. Since its market release 

in 2014, the product sales reached 200 tons generating sales income of Yuan 70 million. Up to date, 

Atailing has been applied to 5 million Mu of crop area in China.


At present a number of international agrochemical enterprises are seeking opportunity of acting as 

overseas agent for the sales of Atailing subject to mutual agreement being reached. Atailing is expected 

to become a representational Chinese biopesticide active in the international market.


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