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Nufarm launched biofungicide Fado in Netherlands

Posted by:bozhihuili    Published:2016-01-14 09:35

Nufarm Benelux has introduced Fado on the Dutch market. Fado is a new biological agent against powdery 

mildew. "Fado activates several systems in the plant which increase the resistance of the plant against powdery

 mildew. By preventive use of Fado, powdery mildew gets no chance," says the company.


The drug was approved last fall and is Nufarm’s third biological product. Fado (12.5 g/l COS-OGA) has an

admission as an agent for cucurbits fruit vegetables with edible and inedible peel and Solanaceae (covered 

crop). The product is organic, has no safety term and is therefore ideal for residue management.


COS (Chito-OligoSaccharides) -OGA (Oligo-Galacturonic Acid) consists of an oligosaccharide complex composed 

of a polyanionic structure stabilized by one polycationic chain. COS is also known as chitosan and OGA is derived 

from pectin. There is no ISO common name for COS-OGA. The European Food Safety Authority has approved 

this active ingredient in 2014.


During the natural process whereby powdery mildew infects the plant, degradation products are released by 

both plant and powdery mildew. The combination of these degradation products activate the receptors in the 

plant cells. Next, a process is activated that makes the plant resistance to the fungus.


Preventive use

The receptors in the plant are activated by applying Fado on a preventive basis. As a result, several systems in 

the plant are encouraged to increase the resilience of the plant against powdery mildew. Fado thus acts as 

a kind of vaccine.

Source:        Nufarm News Release

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