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Marine Oligos Ingredients
Main Products: Alginate Oligos & Chitosan Oligos
Spec: Food Grade, Agriculture Grade, Feed Grade, Cosmetic Grade
Oligos Standard Substances
Marine Oligosaccharide Standard Substance: Oligosaccharide Monomers whose purity ≥95%, including monomers of alginate oligosaccharide, chitosan oligosaccharide, agar oligosaccharide, carrageenan oligosaccharide and xylooligosaccharide, mainly used as biochemical reagents and for Research Purposes.
Functional Products
Ocean Angel is the latest generations of functional health products integrating healthy and beauty efficacy, with with golden ratio of alginate oligosaccharide, collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. It is produced in Korea to make sure the all the ingredients are natural and Green, which can help us to improve the immune system, expel of heavy metals and toxins, relax bowel, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and achieve the effect of hairdressing reducing weight.
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