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Marine Oligos Ingredients Alginate Oligosaccharide
Alginate oligosaccharide, is the latest generation of functional oligomers with relatively low molecular weight. It was produced by the enzymatic degradation of algin, consisting of α-L-guluronate (G) and β-D-mannuronate (M) , were also known to have several biological activities.
Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Chitosan oligosaccharide, which is low molecular-weight chitosan, is made from chitosan that origin from crab shells by enzyme hydrolysis. Its degree of polmerization is 2~20, average molecular weight is less 3kDa.

Agar Oligosaccharide
Agar oligosaccharide is a functional marine oligosaccharide by depolymerization of agar, with degree of polymerization of 2 to 20, including agar-oligosaccharide and neoagaro-oligosaccharide.
Carrageenan Oligosaccharide
Carrageenan Oligosaccharides are are made up of a linear backbone of D-galactose residues linked by alternating -(1→3) and -(1→4) linkages and are substituted by one (κ-carrageenan), two (ι-carrageenan), or three (λ -carrageenan) ester-sulfonic groups per digalactose repeating unit.
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