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Chitosan Oligosaccharide

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Chitin and Chitosan had been approved beneficial for human body, and popular in medicine,  nutrition, cosmetic, 

animal nutrition, agriculture and industry areas. Chitosan Oligosaccharide could be considered as water-soluble 

chitosan oligomer which is made from depolymerizing chitosan by enzyme. And its molecular weight (≤2kDa) is 

much lower than chitosan's (≥100KDa). The low molecular weight benefits prominent water solubility and 

bioactivities which haveattracted the interest of many researchers and companies to utilize chitosan oligosaccharide 

for various applications.

English Name: Chitosan oligosaccharide, Chitooligosaccharide, Chitosan Oligomers, 

Oligochitosan, Chitosan Oligosaccharin, COS.

Origin From: Crab shells

Molecular Formula: (C6H11NO4)n(n=2~20)

Structural Formula:

     chitosan oligosaccharides


- Good acid and thermal stabilities
- Completely soluble in water
- Non-toxic & Edible
- Completely Biodegradable
- Alkalinity: The only positively charged and alkaline oligosaccharide.

- Antimicrobial: The only plant elicitor with antimicrobial activity.

 Technical Advantages:                                                                                         

- Specialized in producing chitosan oligosaccharide ingredients & refrigerators
- Key technology won the first prize of the China National Award for Technological Invention in 2009

- Latest innovation of “Solid-Liquid Mixed Enzyme” creates high bioactivity products with low cost

 Applications & Specifications:                                                                                           

Purified Grade Feed Grade Agriculture Grade Cosmetic Grade

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