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Fucoidan Ingredients

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Fucoidan Ingredients

Posted by:admin Published:2013-04-22 11:21

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Product Description

Fucoidan, also known as Sulfated Fucoidan, is a sulfated polysaccharide found primarily in various species of brown seaweed such as Laminaria Japonica. Fucoidan is a branched polysaccharide sulfate ester with L-fucose 4-sulfate as the main chain which are predominantly α-1, 2-linked. It is composed of fucose, galactose, mannose, arabinose, rhamnose, Portuguese polyuronide, and etc.


Product Function

1. anticoagulation

Fucoidan is capable of inhibiting the occurrence of prothrombin outstandingly in blood plasma and purification system. The

anticoagulant activities is as much as 81%-85% heparin.

2. Assistant Treatment of Cancer

Fucose is able to induce the cancer cell apoptosis. It achieves the effect by disconnecting and destroying nutrition and oxygen supply for cancer cell growth; strengthen immune system in order to produce anti-cancer cell factors.  

3. Inhibiting Start of Complement (Inhibiting Inflammation)

Fucoidan takes good effect in inhibiting the start of complement or inhibiting inflammation.

4. Inhibiting the absorption of Heavy Metals

Fucoidan could combine with the heavy metals and form into metal composition so as to prevent the absorption of heavy metals by intestinal lumen. The effect is related with the density or content of fucoidan in intestinal lumen.

5. Assistant Treatment of Hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis

Fucoidan is capable of preventing arteriosclerosis; preventing the thickening of blood; lowering cholesterol and triglyceride.

6. Regulation of Immune System

Fucoidan is able to induce the occurrence of interleukin-1 and IFN-γ; drug delivery inside the human body could enhance the function of T-cell, B-cell, macrophage cell (Me) and Natural Killing cells; stimulating antibodies response so as to achieve the effect of disease resistance.

7. Improving Liver Function

Fucoidan is able to improve liver function and increase the volume flow of blood in kidney; improving the repair of damaged liver cell; decreasing the effect of proteinuria and Cr so as to achieve the effect of CRF.

It could be used for active pharmaceutical ingredients or for pharmaceutical precursors.

Through partial chemical modification, fucoidan could be developed into various kinds of drugs to cure disease, such as anti-renal failure, anti-cancer, anti-coagulation, anti-thrombus and etc.

2Fucoidan is a natural ingredients with high bioactivity and is widely used in food, such as health food, functional drinks, diary products, cookies, cold drinks, jelly, bread, milk and so on.

3It could be added in daily health products

Fucoidan has a good effect in moisture retention, anti-oxidation and anti-bacteria.

a. Hair Care

Fucoidan is able to combine with protein in human hair and form a moisture retention complex, which is capable of enhancing the hair color and softness. Meanwhile it provides nutrition to hair follicle and prevents hair loss; anti-dandruff and make the hair elastic.
b. Skin Care

It works as polyanion, which makes it capable of stabilize milky liquid; a good moisture-retention agent which could form a protection moisture retention layer outside the skin and prevent the evaporation of water content.

c. Anti- bacteria and Anti-inflammation
Fucoidan has a good effect in killing the bacteria activity of Trichophyton gypsum, Microsporum gypseum, Epidermophytom floccosum, blastomyces albicans and so on; It could provide assistant treatment to acne, chloasma and folliculitis, and etc.
d. Depigmenting; Anti-wrinkle; Anti-aging
Preventing the damage of oxygen free radicals; delaying skin aging; preventing wrinkles and freckles.



20kg fiber can or package in accordance with customers’demand.


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