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Our Values

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Our Values

We make it our business to understand industry trends and our customers’ challenges. They trust us to anticipate and deliver the consistently high-quality products and innovative solutions they need.

Each day, we live our Company Values—Safety, Quality, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Innovation—so that we may create enduring, mutual value for our customers, business associates, communities, colleagues and shareholders.


We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe working environment and strive to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace.


We understand the importance of, and set exacting standards and strive for consistency and precision in everything we do. We are committed to provide products and services which cause no adverse effect on human health and nature.


We succeed by creating trusted and enduring relationships with our customer, colleagues and communities to achieve our mutual goals.


We are aware of sustainability and responsibility for the earth, and has shaped business in the best interests of the world and its inhabitants through the development of innovative and renewable sources that combine performance with sustainability.

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